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Marine Insurance

Deciding which Florida boat insurance policy you need is a very important decision. Mutual Insurance Group of Florida is dedicated to providing you with the right protection for your craft. Not all boat insurance policies are alike and there are important questions that need to be addressed before you take out your policy. At Mutual Insurance Group of Florida we are here to help you make the right choice for your needs.

Hurricanes are at the top of the list of threats to Florida; as such, it is critical for boat owners to understand the type of coverage they have in the event a hurricane arrives. Florida has the highest rate of hurricanes in the U.S., which makes Florida Boat Insurance coverage a must-have for boat owners. To find out if your boat has adequate protection, you have to ask your insurance carrier the right questions. Boat values depreciate quite rapidly, so itís important to know the details of your insurance coverage. Do you know what will happen if your boat is totally destroyed by a hurricane? What happens if there is only partial damage to your boat? Whether you have a commercial fleet of boats or a luxury yacht, you need quality Florida Boat Insurance to protect your investment. Donít make the decision to gamble with your investment.

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